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News on South Tyneside Highway Improvement Schemes

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Moor Lane Area Highways Improvements – UPDATE

Following the informal consultation in October, the feedback was collated and analysed. The results show that although the feelings towards the proposals were mixed, the majority of residents want to see the scheme progressed.

The decision has been made to progress the scheme to the next stage. The legal process for the designation of a quiet lane must be kept separate from the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process to change the speed limit. Therefore, the legal process and formal consultation for the changes of speed limit and traffic calming measures are to be undertaken first.

Should the TRO be made, and the measures implemented, it will then be possible to start the process to designate Moor Lane as a quiet lane. Further public consultation is a requirement of this process.

Details of the change of speed limit and traffic calming proposals are shown on the attached plans.

ML Area Highway Improvements - GA - Sh1of3.pdf

ML Area Highway Improvements - GA - Sh2of3.pdf

ML Area Highway Improvements - GA - Sh3of3.pdf

The proposals well help to reduce traffic speed and volume within the area and create a safer environment for all users.

The attached Legal notices outline the detail of the proposals and also provide information about how to make formal comment.

Humps Notice - T&RS.pdf

Notice of Proposal - T&RS.pdf

Posted on 7th January 2022

by Traffic & Road Safety team