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News on South Tyneside Highway Improvement Schemes

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Cotswold Lane - Traffic Calming UPDATE

Following the informal consultation in October 2021, the feedback was collated and analysed. The results show that although the feelings towards the proposals were mixed, the majority of residents want to see the scheme progressed.

The decision has been made to progress the scheme to the next stage. The Traffic & Road Safety team will progress with the public advertisement procedure which consists of notices placed online, onsite and in the local press with the length of the objection period being 21 days.

Details of the traffic calming proposals are shown on the attached plans:

TRS01-2021-LTP-01-1 General Arrangement 1of 2.pdf

TRS01-2021-LTP-01-1 General Arrangement 2of 2.pdf

The proposals will help to reduce traffic speed and volume within the area and create a safer environment for all users. DfT (Department for Transport) has set guidance for 30mph speed limits and the speeds on Cotswold Lane currently exceed the set limits so traffic calming would be required to bring speed within compliance.

Officers have ensured that all the proposed speed cushion locations have been chosen in accordance with design guidance and standards set by the Department for Transport. This is to safeguard that motorists maintain a constant vehicle speed and are deterred from accelerating and braking between features which results in a passive style of driving, at a lower but constant speed, contributing to lower noise levels.

The attached Legal notice outlines the detail of the proposals and also provide information about how to make formal comment:

Public Notice 24-02-2022.pdf

Posted on 18th February 2022

by Traffic and Road Safety